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A letter from Heidi Yohe:

I was first introduced to volleyball by my sister Sarah. Most things in my life actually were the result of following my big sister's lead and learning lessons from her. Sarah was unequivocally the most beautiful, giving, compassionate, lively and witty person I have ever known. She had a magnetic energy where one would nearly trip over themselves just to be around her. Any time spent with her, you always wanted more. She had a true gift of seeing the best in situations and people. She spoke truth to the heart of everyone around her making them better people just by crossing her path. I was incredibly lucky to be her little sister and to follow her amazing lead for 30 years.


Sarah led a beautiful life full of love, kindness, fun and adventure. She was a multi-sport collegiate athlete as she earned multiple degrees. She loved the underdog and would boldly stand up for and help those who were often overlooked. She had a beautiful voice and was self-taught playing the piano and guitar.  Sarah loved theater and appeared in many shows over the years. She traveled, studied, and spun fire all around the world while learning to speak 3 languages. She was a gifted writer and storyteller who wrote children's books and songs that she translated into other languages. Sarah loved her doggies, family and friends like no other.  Her last moments on earth were spent giving life by donating her kidneys and heart. She was an inspiration and a true blessing to all that were lucky enough to have known her.


Today I am grateful that Sarah instilled in me grit, purpose and connection, the core values of Empower Juniors. I will find the strength and tenacity to live my life being the best version of myself. I will move each day in alignment with my purpose of supporting and empowering others. And on days when I can’t do this on my own, I will hold onto faith that I am connected to my sister, her spirit, the people who love her and something much grander than we could ever imagine.


Sarah and I have always dreamed of running a non-profit together and I intend to bring her along every step of the way.  I hope you will join me in honoring Sarah by helping a little girl join Empower Juniors.


We love you SKY,

P sow, Nung sow, Doi, Taladbai. (Big sister, Little sister, Together, Forever)


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