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Club Tryouts

Looking to join the Empower Family? 

We would love to have you!

Sign up for the 2022-2023 Club Season Tryouts Today!

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Empower Club Prices

We’ve made it a priority to make this program high quality and affordable. We have a scholarship program that helps with the cost of club. If you have the heart to play, we will never let money get in the way. 

What do your dues pay for?

  • 1-2 high caliber practices per week

  • Facilities Rentals

  • Equipment Use

  • Tournament Registration Fees

  • Coaches Salaries 

  • 2 Game Jerseys, spandex shorts, backpack, practice shirts & hoodie

$2,400 Per Season

Paid in 10 Monthly installments

Scholarships Available

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High Caliber


Practices & Tournaments

 Teams will compete in 6-8 competitive local tournaments and practice 1 time per week. On tournament weeks we will add another tournament prep practice to the schedule.


Holistic Team & Skill Building Activities

Athletes will participate in various activities that will promote coordination, cooperation, and fun like rock climbing, yoga, snorkeling, sand volleyball, and mentoring the kids at Empower Elementary.

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